One of the most common questions we get from customers is whether they should buy the Takedown Model or the KeyMod Rail Model.  And our answer is always, that depends… Of course, the easy answer is to get both.  The Takedown Tube and the 13″ KeyMod Rail forends are interchangeable.  So, if you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars for the flexibility, simply purchase one model from your local firearms retailer and then purchase the other forend from the Just Right Carbines Online Shop.  Now you have the best of both worlds. What could be better? If trying to decide between the two models, consider these issues:
  1. Primary purpose
  2. Frequency of use
  3. Accessory preference
  4. Portability/storage needs
Technical Specifications for both the Takedown and the KeyMod Rail Model:
  • 17″ barrel, 1 in 16 button rifled
  • Ambidextrous – both for ejection and/or charging handle
  • Overall length: 34.25: extended, 31″ collapsed
  • Blowback operating system
  • Semi-automatic
  • One piece receiver machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and hardcoat anodized
  • Picatinny rail machined into the top of the receiver
1. How will you primarily use your JRC?
If you plan to primarily utilize your JRC for competition, hunting or home defense, we recommend the KeyMod Rail Model.  This will provide you with the most flexibility for accessories such as optics, grips, lasers, etc… If you are looking for a truck or boat gun, a firearm that’s easy to take to and from the range, or something that’s quick and easy to pack out in an emergency, then the Takedown Model might be the right choice for you.
2. How many rounds do you typically shoot in one session?
You may want to  consider how many rounds you expect to put through your JRC in an average session as part of your decision making process.  While all forends heat up over time as you continue to shoot, there is a slight difference between our two models. The fluted forend on the Takedown Model is a solid piece and has nowhere for the heat to escape.  It may retain the heat from long shooting sessions at a higher rate. The KeyMod Rail Model by design has holes that allow some of the heat to dissipate and can remain cooler for a bit longer during those long days at the range. This model also provides the option of adding a forward grip so you don’t have to hold onto the forend directly.
3. What are your accessory preferences or requirements?
Consider your accessory needs and preferences when choosing your JRC model. The KeyMod Rail Model offers both Picatinny and KeyMod systems for accessory attachment and has lots of extra real estate.  There is plenty of room for a forward grip, your choice of optic, lasers, flashlights, etc… If you are using your JRC for competition, optics are going to be a priority for you. The KeyMod Rail also works well for home defense applications.  It gives you to option to use iron (or polymer) sights so you aren’t reliant on a battery in an emergency situation. The Picatinny rail machined into the receiver on the Takedown Model gives plenty of options for optics that will work well in most situations.  However, the fluted Takedown forend does not easily allow the mounting of any additional accessories.  Some creative JRC owners have drilled holes to attach bipods or scopes, but a reliable attachment system is not routinely available.  
4. Will you be traveling with your JRC or need compact storage?
The JRC Takedown Model was designed for travel and portability and makes a perfect truck or boat gun.  Simpy twist the fluted tube forend with your hand and easily remove both the tube and the barrel in just a few seconds – no tools required. These 3 pieces stow perfectly in the custom designed JRC Takedown Slingpack. To reassemble, just align the barrel with the registration mark on the receiver, hand tighten the fluted tube forend and and you’re ready to shoot. The KeyMod Rail Model also breaks down, however, tools are required to remove the screws on the rail and the barrel nut. The KeyMod rail does not currently fit in the pocket in the Slingpack (a redesign is in the works that will allow this), however, you can still store it in the Slingpack loosely.    
Again, the forends are interchangeable providing you the option to switch back and forth as your requirements change.  Most owners find that one models suits their shooting needs better than the other. What would you add here? What factors influenced your choice of JRC model?