Yes! That was the cry in the office when we received our fourth straight invitation to IV8888 Range Day in Atlanta, GA. What a privilege it has been each year to head to the range with the best and brightest YouTubers and Social Media folks in the firearms industry. Plus, we blow up cars and zombies and who doesn’t enjoy that?

But it is also a celebration of our Second Amendment rights. As Jason Brown says in his recent NRA Blog article, “This event was an inspirational display of law-abiding citizens celebrating our culture and our rights, dismantling negative media stereotypes about gun owners and showcasing the sense of community, respect and resolve of everyday American gun owners.” Read more here…

Want a little taste of what IV8888 Range Day is like? Check out the video clip below.


Eric, the host of most the the Iraqveteran8888 videos, is a big fan of the Just Right Carbine. Check out a couple of his videos from SHOT Show 2016 and How Far Will a 45ACP Kill? He brings his JRC 45ACP to Range Day each year and shoots it suppressed at night. And we don’t have to tell you what a big bunch of fun that is.



This year we brought a couple of our new toys for show and tell. The 10mm Glock Model is available now with either the 13″ KeyMod or Takedown forend and in all 4 configurations. The 9mm Pistol is currently a prototype, but you can expect 2 models to be available in January 2018.

9mm Quadrail Pistol: features 6.5″ barrel, 5.25″ quadrail, muzzle break, and Gearheadworks Mod2 Adj Arm Brace.

9mm Takedown Pistol: features 6.5″ barrel, 5.25″ takedown tube, muzzle brake, and Gearheadworks Mod1 Tailhook.










We got amazing feedback from everyone at the shoot about the new JRC 9mm Pistol and we know you will love it too. Keep watching here on the website and on Facebook – we’ll let you know as soon as they are in production. And keep watching Iraqveteran8888 for awesome firearms videos (check out their archives too if you’re new to their channel).

The 10mm Glock Models are in stock and ready to ship now! Prices start as low as $699.00 for the Takedown and $769.00 for the KeyMod. And like all JRC firearms, the 10mm is 100% American made and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty so you can feel proud and confident about your purchase.

Check out the Dealer Locator, head to your favorite local firearms retailer and ask them to order one for you, or Buy Direct from the factory.