Customers tell us one of the main selling features of the JRC is it’s modular design. This allows our firearm to have an ambidextrous charge handle or ejector plate, to change calibers, to switch between KeyMod and Takedown forends, and to customize the furniture the way you like it.

Trigger pull and feel is a very personal choice, therefore one of the most common questions we get is:

“Which brand of AR trigger will work best in my JRC?”

Here is some guidance straight from the GM at the factory so that you can install the trigger you prefer, while making sure that it will operate correctly and safely.

We find that the closer the hammer overall length is to Mil-Spec, the better.  We run into an issue where the disconnector does not grab the hammer reliably if the hammer is bobbed significantly and shorter than a standard hammer.

ALG Defense makes a two piece trigger, the QMS trigger which is a nice upgrade, yet affordable.  They also make a trigger called the ACT which is a few bucks more.  Geissele is their parent company.  Now….we have had some Timmney triggers work (from customer anecdotal stories….) and some people complain they can’t get it to work reliably.  So…..we have suggested the ALG triggers.

You will need to maintain the spacing in the buttstock so the bolt doesn’t over-travel. Keep the charge handle between the lockdown notch and the keyhole in the back of the receiver.


Have more questions? Please contact the factory directly:

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